Gadget Review: Super Talent Pico-C USB 4GB flash drive

Posted by matt on September 3, 2008

super_talent_pico_c_icon_4gb_thumbdrive2.jpgSince the death of the floppy disk a number of years ago, almost everyone I know has seen or used a USB flash drive to move files around.  I’ve broken a few ‘freebie’ drives that I’ve gotten from vendors, so I decided that I needed one that was reliable.  The two main criteria for me are that it can fit on a key chain, and can take some abuse.  I don’t need the thing to have a ton of storage–4GB should be good enough.

It has a strange name, but I finally found this little drive, the Super Talent Pico-C that met all my criteria (it’s even waterproof!).  It was cheap too, at only $16!

Check out my one-take video review of it as well:

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  1. Uncle Timmy Said,

    Pretty impressive. Although in Babylon 5, they used data crystals that could hold all the information from an entire dead race on one crystal. I assume it was mostly HD video. I can’t wait for those to come out!

  2. Grafiskais dizains Said,

    Aaahhh… the science nowdays is going on so fast, cant even follow up with all these things!