40 Free Wallpapers for the Palm Pre

Posted by matt on June 25, 2009

palmpre3.jpgI’m still working on my review for the Palm Pre (I’ve had it less than a week), but in the meantime, enjoy some wallpapers I created specifically for the Palm Pre!

The images are from various trips I’ve taken the last few years and are already sized and optimized for view on the Palm Pre (320×480 resolution, appropriate sharpness, etc.).

To get these wallpapers on your Palm Pre simply:

  1. Click the file(s) you like, and when the file is loaded right-click and save to your computer.
  2. Plug your Palm Pre into the USB port of your computer and choose “USB Drive”.
  3. Once the folder opens on your computer, copy the images into the “Wallpaper” directory on your Palm Pre (you don’t have to do this, but it may be easier to find them than just copying them in the root folder).
  4. After you disconnect your Pre, go to the “Screen & Lock” application and choose “Change Wallpaper” to set your desired background!

Pretty easy as you can see.  On to the wallpapers!

30rock-320x480.jpg   alley-320x480.jpg   andrewwk-320x480.jpg   bench-320x480.jpg   broken-window320x480.jpg

burgeltz-320x480.jpg   caboarch-320x480.jpg   chrysler-320x480.jpg   cliffs-320x480.jpg   collesium-320x480.jpg

creepytree2bw-320x480.jpg   creepytreebw-320x480.jpg   desert-320x480.jpg   empirestate-320x480.jpg   fenceshadow-320x480.jpg

 florencebw-320x480.jpg   forestlight-320x480.jpg   grandcentral-320x480.jpg   guinness-320x480.jpg   hallstatt-320x480.jpg

lourve-320x480.jpg   madisoncapital-320x480.jpg   mtrainier-320x480.jpg   neuschwanstein-320x480.jpg   nyse-320x480.jpg

ouch-320x480.jpg   racoons2-320x480.jpg   sandtrap1-320x480.jpg   sandtrap2-320x480.jpg   skateboard-bw-320x480.jpg

spiral-320x480.jpg   spiral-staircase-320x480.jpg   statue-of-liberty-320x480.jpg   subwaynyc-320x480.jpg   tiberriver-320x480.jpg

tunnel-320x480.jpg   vegas-320x480.jpg   waterfall-320x480.jpg   winegrapes-320x480.jpg   staircase-320x480.jpg

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  1. matt Said,

    Saw this on 4th of July weekend… make it 41!


  2. M?jas lapu izstr?de Said,

    Cool, a lot of great images, thanks for this!

  3. Ian Said,

    They look very nice, shame about the embossed logos tho.