Mini-Album Review: Weezer, Weezer (Red Album)

Posted by matt on June 9, 2008

weezer_red_album.jpgArtist: Weezer
Album: Weezer (Red I guess)
Wikipedia Genre(s): Alternative rock, Geek rock, Power pop
Matt’s Fav Tracks: Pork and Beans, Troublemaker
# times listened: Not many (< 10 times)
Matt’s Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars
Buy CD: Amazon
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I’m old-skool that when a band creates their ‘debut’ album, I like when it’s generally self-titled. Some folks decide that they do this later (i.e. Metallica with the “Black” album) and I’m cool with that. Weezer is having this go a little out of control though, as this is their THIRD self-titled album… Blue, Green and now Red.

This is easily Weezer’s weakest album. I wanted to dig it, but listening to all of their other albums, they have gotten progressively worse with each. I don’t know if it’s Cuomo’s wacky “cowboy crossed with Reno 911 cop mustache” look, or the fact that the songs try waaay too hard. Whatever the case, the album is trite beyond a couple songs. Weezer, unfortunately, hasn’t had a strong cover-to-cover album since the Green album. It’s sad, to have peaked almost 10 years ago… :(

The best thing about the new album has to be the video for Pork and Beans, with Internet meme goodness. Check it out if you haven’t seen it:

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  1. Tim Said,

    Christ, don’t get me started. This first time I listened to this album, I was like fuuuck, guys! Another Make Believe? Then I listened a couple more times and can honestly say I think it’s their 3rd worst. Maladroit and Make Believe being the worst. But it’s not saying much. They ARE trying too hard. The song “Dreamin'” is reminiscent of something catchy off of Pinkerton or something, but then for no reason has that 2 minute breakdown. Completely unnecessary. “Troublemaker” is fun, but I’d say that one doesn’t try ENOUGH. Two chords? Really? C’mon! I’d say overall, the Red Album starts out fun for the first few songs, then tapers off and ends with slow, dragging, depressingness, just like Make Believe did. Two of the 4 “bonus” tracks, if you get the deluxe edition, are decent. But again, they are all slow songs. And not Weezer’s top form by any means. Have you heard the “sawng” Rivers is writing with youtubers? Look for “let’s write a sawng” and you’ll hear it. It’s not great, but even THAT song is better than most of the real Weezer songs here. Weezer has become a band which I’ll probably always buy a new album from, no matter what, but now I will keep my expectations very low.