Mini-Album Review: Flight of the Conchords, Self-Titled

Posted by matt on May 11, 2008

flight_of_the_conchords.jpgArtist: Flight of the Conchords
Album: Flight of the Conchords
Wikipedia Genre(s): Rock, Comedy rock, Folk rock
Matt’s Fav Tracks: The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room, Business Time, Robots
# times listened:
A LOT (>25 times)
Matt’s Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (the show gets 5 of 5!)
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Last summer, my wife and I were on a weekend vacation in Galena, IL when at the end of the day, we flipped on HBO at the hotel and started watching this strange, quirky show. At the time I didn’t realize I was watching what would become my new favorite TV series! It wasn’t until many months later when my co-worker re-introduced me to the show, but since then, I’ve checked out the entire first season of the excellent comedy (I’ve probably seen it too many times).

foc_first_season.jpgWhat is Flight of the Conchords (FOC)? Quite simply, it’s a show about 2 New Zealand guys who want to start a band in New York City. The first season goes through their trials and tribulations and becomes a vehicle for the music videos of their hilarious songs–some as part of the story, and others just wacky songs that they’ve worked into the plot. If you haven’t seen the show, check it out–there isn’t quite anything like it on television today. Kudos to HBO for renewing them as a second season should be showing up this fall or early next year.

About the album:

The self-titled album is not their first, but is probably the more interesting for any fan of the show, as it details almost all the songs from the series. I actually got a bootleg copy that was ripped straight from the show, and I must say I probably prefer that–mainly because I’m already familiar with the songs as presented on the series.

As for this album, I definitely recommend it though–if you find yourself humming the catchy songs from the show, then you know the album is for you.

US Tour:

So FOC launched a US tour, that sold out almost instantly…I’m bummed I missed the announcement of it, so I wasn’t able to get ticket initially… After it sold out, tickets were going for a TON online (from $120 – $400 EACH) but thanks to Wendy, I ended up getting some for Sara and myself at face value!

The Flight of the Conchords show is TONIGHT in Milwaukee, and we are pumped! I’ll be sure to put a review up later, but in the meantime, check out the first season if you haven’t seen the show.

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  1. matt Said,

    Pretty cool show last night! With our seats it was a little hard to see / hear, but the guys were on.

    The crowd was really DRUNK as apparently they had a New Zealand Vodka Sponsor, 42 below, that was over serving a bit (I had one drink for $5 and it came with a free t-shirt!) so people were stumbling around and yelling a lot.

    But fun was had by all, so a good show!

  2. John Vieth Said,

    I can’t believe there was a tour and I missed it!!! I am so depressed. I wish you wouldn’t have mentioned that. And it was at the Riverside?!? I saw The Seahorses and Morrissey there, among others, and it’s a great venue–not too big. Damn you. You need to blog about this stuff well in advance to give others a heads-up! :-)

  3. matt Said,

    I twittered it almost a month ago…