Mini-Album Review: Vampire Weekend, Self-Titled

Posted by matt on March 26, 2008

vampire-weekend.jpg Artist: Vampire Weekend
Album: Vampire Weekend
Wikipedia Genre(s): Indie rock, Afro-pop, Indie pop
Matt’s Fav Tracks: None really, mostly annoying
# times listened:
Not Many (<10 times)
Matt’s Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Buy CD: Amazon
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So I heard a lot of hype about these guys and thought I’d give them a shot. After about 6-7 times through the album, I just don’t get it. For all the attention they are getting, I’ve heard better local bands when I was in college. They sound like a bad Paul Simon tribute band mixed with an annoying hippie jam band. Not my cup of tea.

Now I’ve heard they are decent live which I brings them up a bit, but jeez, these organs/flutes are just annoying. Well mixed, but freakin’ annoying. And the yelling ‘oh oh oh oh’ on A-punk? Ugh. I wish Hank would go to one of their shows and when they play this song, pound these wimps with their own instruments. Maybe I’m missing the point, but these songs are just all really whiny and weak. A lowly 2 out of 5 stars for me.

If you like this kind of droning, maybe try something a little more original like one of my old-school standbys, fIREHOSE. Check out Brave Captain which is a fav of mine.

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  1. nemolian Said,

    The video for A-Punk is probably the only reason these guys got any hype. Check it out here: The music is crap but the video is alright.

  2. matt Said,

    Hmm.. yeah, kind of an OK-GO rip-off video(which I think is awesome), but I guess I can see why it’s popular. Still nerve grating though….

  3. nemolian Said,

    Do your comments accept HTML?

  4. matt Said,

    Si senor!