Unbox Gadget Review: Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS

Posted by matt on March 23, 2008

After trying this GPS out on my recent trip to Ireland, we got this feature as an add-on with our rental car and I was very impressed with this device. While my current car already has a built-in, because this is very portable, it is a must for travel. I figured it could also do some double duty for geocaching. I’ll do a review later, but just some pics unbox-style for now:


Check it out here— Doesn’t get much better for the money.

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  1. nemolian Said,

    Have you really looked into GPS units at all? I only ask because my mother is planning on buying one and I never really researched them. I don’t know what she should be looking for, beside screen and unit size. If you have any suggestions post some of those Amazon Associates links and I’ll be sure to use them.

  2. matt Said,

    It depends what is important to you, but I did do a lot of research actually. For me, having a device that speaks the street names was a necessity. Also, being able to update the maps, and for fun, change the voices. Small and portable as well… the 360 met all the requirements, and it is one of the best reveiwed GPS’s out there. It’s around $230 now. you can find ones for around $150, but not with the Garmin name, speak the streets or work as well. After having it for a few weeks, it really is an amazing piece of tech. The fact that it is a bluetooth headset for your phone is a neat bonus as well.

    Using this link to buy it would make me happy :)

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