Mini-Album Review: Interpol, Our Love to Admire

Posted by matt on February 26, 2008

interpol-our-love-to-admire.jpg Artist: Interpol
Album: Our Love to Admire
Wikipedia Genre(s): Post-punk revival, Indie rock
Matt’s Fav Tracks: Whole Album!
# times listened:
A LOT (>25 times)
Matt’s Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t go around giving 100%’s to everyone, but occasionally, you need to give it up. After spending some significant time with this album, I’m still finding great little riffs and rhythms that I missed the first, second or 30th time. In short, it’s a modern-rock masterpiece.

Being a “grunge boy” in the 90’s, I find myself listening to a lot of indie in the 2000’s. While many would simply classify this as ’emo’ after a few listens, I encourage you not to be so harsh (yes, emo is a derogatory term to me). Additionally, I hate almost all emo (i.e. Death-Cab), so by giving this 5 stars it simply can’t be…

Anyways, on Our Love to Admire, Interpol carefully walks that fine line with what I would call “effective brooding” while avoiding the “annoyingly irritating” whining that plagues many, MANY emo bands and even a lot of indie bands I like. Even earlier Interpol albums have some of the songs that fall under this territory… though I won’t call them out quite yet as I haven’t spend enough time with them.

This album is a must-have and I predict will become a classic for me. Check it

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