Mini-Album Review: Cansei de Ser Sexy, Self titled

Posted by matt on February 24, 2008

cansei-de-ser-sexy-cansei-de-ser-sexy.jpg Artist: Cansei de Ser Sexy
Album: Cansei de Ser Sexy
Wikipedia Genre(s): Pop, Dance-pop, Electro, Indie rock
Matt’s Fav Tracks: Music is My Hot Hot Sex, Alala
# times listened:
Moderate (10-25 times)
Matt’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Buy CD: Amazon
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Okay okay, yes, I got this after I saw the Apple commercial, for “Music is my Hot Hot Sex“, but when I found out the band was on on Sub-Pop, I felt a little better about myself. While the aforementioned song is quite catchy, I must say the rest of this album is a bit strange, if not quite funny. I have an affinity for foreign bands singing in English, as their lyrics are often right to the point and quite in your face. The track listing alone should tell that story. For as fun and poppy as the Apple ad is, there is quite an edge that a unsuspecting soccer mom buying this for their kid would have never expected. I give it 3.5 stars, and highly recommend it if you’re drunk!

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