Posted by matt on February 22, 2008

So like most folks, I like to give my opinion on things. Rather than ramble on and on about what I’ll review, here are what I’ll focus on:

Music Reviews – My goal here is to review an album a week. It might be brand new to the world, or it might just be new to me. Expect some ‘best of’s’ here as well.

Gadget Reviews – I buy a lot of tech stuff, and can be pretty critical of it. I have some favorite devices that i’ll probably go back and re-post, but an endorsement here means the device is probably pretty solid.  I plan on doing 2 types here:

Unboxing reveiws – These are simply pictures of the packaging and what it all looks like.  I’ll try and do these right when I get a device.

Normal reviews – After I’ve had some time with the device, I’ll post my thoughts and other resources about it.

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