Photos » Recent Photos » Photo-a-day #237: August 25, 2011 - TouchPad Fiasco

Taken on: 2011-08-25 17:46:32

As you may have heard, HP decided to ditch it's $500 TouchPad tablet line after less than 2 months of sales. In the process, they are selling it for only $99 (estimates are that it cost $300 to build!). Though a great fire-sale deal, it is not easy to get one.

In this shot, there are almost 50 people lined up at Best Buy waiting to buy one... puzzling they got there early as they all got a voucher earlier in the day for the shipment at 6PM. I was at Best Buy yesterday, and of course, they didn't create the voucher process until this morning so I didn't get one (typical Best Buy fail). I would imagine these people didn't trust Best Buy either, so they just got in line early to ensure they wouldn't run out.

Note the woman in the red dress is using an iPad while waiting in line to buy the TouchPad--and with a cooler like they'd been there all afternoon. A bit surreal.