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Taken on: 2011-09-06 11:11:22

I had the day off today, and Ian and I planned on going to the Madison Children's Museum (it was closed). Just a block away, we ended up going to the Wisconsin Capitol building. Refreshing to see things pretty much 'back to normal'. Nice time to visit as not many people there on a Tuesday with school back in session.

Here Ian is checking out the rotunda, with several "ooh's", "ahh's" and "whoa's!".

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What lens did you take this with. The exif data says 50mm but that is not wide enough for this shot. You really captured the size and impressiveness of the capitol.

As for the exif, it's a manual focus non-electronic lens, so it doesn't report that. As you guessed, it's quite wide--an 8mm and a lot of fun to use. You can check out here.
Great shot!
This is Fantastic!