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Taken on: 2011-10-13 20:48:41

In the fall of 1991 when I was a freshman at UW Madison, for an entire year I primarily listened to 4 bands: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, the Pixies and Primus. Fast-forward 20 years, and I'm finally seeing the latter headline a show in Madison!

Though I did see Primus open for Rush in 1994, it was a short set and nothing like the show they put on tonight in Madison at the Orpheum. I was excited just to go to the show tonight, but when I was also able to photograph it, really made my night. Though I could only shoot during the first 3 songs, I had the front of the stage pretty much to myself, so it was just me, Les Claypool (pictured), Ler and Jay Lane hanging in front of the few thousand in attendance.

It was a 2-set, 25 song show, with classics for the first part (6 songs of Sailing the Seas of Cheese!) and the entire second set of their new album, "Green Naugahyde". Overall, the show was excellent with the crowd also digging it.

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Jealous! Nice shot.