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Taken on: 2011-11-03 20:32:58

Though I've had friends who have curled since high school, I thought I'd finally try it this year at the Madison Curling Club! Curling has four players on a team, and the league I'm in your 'rated' players can have a maximum of 43 combined points. To give you some perspective, since I've never curled before, I am a '1', which means my team is.. much better than me as I don't know what the hell I'm doing.

This photo is of my friend Chad who is the 2nd on our team, (with a '10' rating). After I took this, I did a rather poor job of sweeping, so I only shot a couple of pictures since I'm supposed to be working here, not taking photos. We ended up losing the match, but I managed to keep most of the stones I threw in play. By March, I should have it all figured out (when the season ends).

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good chunk of good curlers have come from the area