Photos » Recent Photos » Photo-a-day #21: January 21, 2011 - Night Driving Photography

Taken on: 2011-01-21 18:57:20

I'm a sucker for night photography with motion, and what easier way to do it than while driving? Well, that and it is -10 out, it was getting late and didn't have a picture yet...

To do this yourself, use the widest angle lens you have, set it to about a 5 second exposure, aperture f5.6, ISO 400 around and fire away. If you have a compact camera might have slightly different settings. Experimentation is part of the fun, but typically you want to keep most of your dash in relative focus so that you can recognize what the picture actually is.

The more lights you go through (green, not red--keep your eyes on the road) the better. Even the little movements are captured--I moved my thumb on steering wheel on the left and the streetlights caught it.

Have fun!