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Taken on: 2011-02-01 21:49:31

Living in Wisconsin my whole life, one thing you can expect is 1-2 snow days a year. Regarding this, there are 2 types of people I observe:

People who think there are really 8-9 snow days a year - You live in Wisconsin, learn to drive in the snow. Or get better tires. Or preferably, both.

People who think there are NO snow days a year - Congratulations, you have a truck. Yet you only probably need it 2 days out of the year. There really is no honor going to work in an office walking around all day by yourself, wondering why no one is there. It took you an hour to get there, and I was home working the whole time.

So which are you? Hopefully, you are like me and acknowledge that sometimes you just can't go out. (I think the person driving in this image may have been drunk actually--I saw them fall down trying to get in their vehicle!) Don't be a wimp, but use good judgment, people. Driving on unplowed streets with a foot of snow really isn't worth risking your health or damage to your vehicle.

Stay home tomorrow and enjoy Snowpocalypse 2011!

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I think David Lynch would like this photo.
Thanks, what a compliment, one of my fav directors! Silencio!
Such beautiful light like dripping...
You said it!