Photos » Recent Photos » Photo-a-day #47: February 16, 2011 - The State on Strike

Taken on: 2011-02-16 17:00:06

After work today, I cruised down to the Wisconsin State Capitol to see if I could photograph any of the demonstration against Scott Walker's new budget bill.

As I arrived, many people were leaving (mostly holding teacher-type signs), but at a woman holding a "Teach Me How to Budget" announced: "The second shift is here!" Many state workers were getting off work and heading into the Capitol rotunda to join their peers.

The scene was peaceful, though a bit unorganized. There was a guy yelling something in a megaphone that most people couldn't understand, and many looked like they were waiting for something (maybe they were--I didn't see a formal agenda). Some were comparing the scene to the current situation in Egypt as well.

Draw your own conclusions and opinions, as this picture is just here to show the facts, ma'am. I thought the mini-orchestra gave the whole scene sort of a 'Titanic' feel.