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Taken on: 2011-03-22 20:11:02

After a little over a week, Best Buy finally called telling me my pre-ordered iPad 2 was in. For the $, it's a pretty good deal, and the camera does add a new dimension of fun. If you were to use this as your regular camera, you'd look like a total tool, however.

Ian is no stranger to the iPod touch, so the iPad 2 was even more fun for him (especially the photo booth app). In this shot he's watching a Baby Einstein video.

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Wonderful shot. Ian is so expressive! Can you imagine when he looks at this picture 20+ years from now and how obsolete the iPad will be?
Killer shot. Hope that someday I will have a kid that will enjoy the iPad as much as his/her dad does.
Be happy you did not have to wait in line for your iPad at Best Buy like I had to. WORST experience of a launch ever.