Photos » Recent Photos » Photo-a-day #110: April 20, 2011 - Art Show Mohawk

Taken on: 2011-04-20 22:35:49

Pulled my Life, in Red series out of the archive for the Uncommon Nonsense Art Show at Inferno today--an appropriate venue for this series. With over 200 people showing up for a Wednesday night, the show was a huge success! Great job by Jodi and Apollo for running this event. They gave me a great space--the white wall at the back of the club between the 2 bars.

The picture is of a couple I met, Jacob and Jocelyn, posing in front of my series. Jacob has the distinction of having the biggest mohawk I've ever seen (like 2 FEET high). The 2 secrets to mohawk maintenance are patience and Elmer's glue, he mentions.

You can see my Life, in Red series by clicking here. The show will also be hanging at The Inferno until mid-May, 2011. Tons of other great art there and I encourage you to check it out!