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Taken on: 2011-05-13 20:26:30

Another band from my college years, Cake played the Orpheum tonight in Madison and I was able to get a photo pass to shoot it for True Endeavors. Security was tight with a strict no-photo policy for the show. The pass allowed me to shoot during the first 3 songs--a lot of running around for 15 minutes, but still fun.

You can check out my photos from the show here.

The photo above is of singer John McCrea, who sort-of mugged for the camera. Cake played 2 sets, gave away an Apple Tree for the "Cake Forest", and also said "You sound great tonight, Milwaukee!".... whooops. Boos rained down after that--singer John McCrea mentioned in all his years of touring, that was the first time he ever thanked the wrong city. The fans got up, and they got out of town... but did hang out for the band to play their final song, "The Distance".