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Taken on: 2011-05-22 00:44:34

Although I had to get on a train to the airport in a few hours, I couldn't resist going back to the Stockholm Ice Bar that was actually inside of our hotel.

It was a bit pricey--$25 got you entrance plus 1 drink. It was pretty cool (literally) and they gave you funny coats to battle the 23F degree temperature. Being from Wisconsin, 23F isn't that cold since there is no wind in there :) The entire bar, walls, benches and tables are all made of ice, with clever designs frozen or sculpted into them.

This shot is of my drink (the glasses are all made out of ice) with the bartender, Rebecca, making another drink in the background. It is actually the Absolut Ice Bar, so all the drinks are Absolut variations and are quite tasty. I had a "Wolf Paw" which is Absolut 100, lingonberry, and lime.