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Taken on: 2011-05-14 12:27:21

En route to Helsinki, had a 4-hour layover in the Delta terminal of the Detroit Airport today. While you wouldn't guess by the other trauma that Detroit has had in recent years, the airport is pretty nice (much improved when I flew through here in the late 90's).

This walkway is from Terminals B to C known as the "Light Tunnel". It is similar to my ORD picture of the "P. Diddy Walkway", but may be cooler as the music and colors are actually synchronized in 27 minute show. Wish I pulled out the 7D, this is just a quick shot with the S95.

It can get pretty trippy--there are actually buttons where you can shut it off for 5 minutes to walk through for those prone to issues with crazy-lights.

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Fabulous capture!