Photos » Recent Photos » Photo-a-day #164: June 13, 2011 - Duke Nukem Forever

Taken on: 2011-06-13 23:58:17

In 1996, I played a lot of Duke Nukem 3D with Cory and other friends over a networked SERIAL cable (pre-LAN for me) cable at my apartment out of college. The game was a blast, and was as fun as Doom and Quake we also played at the time. Duke Nukem 4 was supposed to come out about 8 times since then, and is now 15 years in the making.

It officially comes out in the US tomorrow, but was able to play it a bit a day early. So is it worth a 15-year wait? Unfortunately, no. The game is actually just a sad, non-innovative re-hash of the earlier game. Likely, it would have been better if everyone was left with the memory of the original.

You can (sort of) interact with the environment as is seen in this picture of Duke's apartment. This was cool back in 1996 when it was first done, but has been done in countless games since then, and done much better. It's the first game I've played since Bioshock, so at least it was fun to get in some PC gaming again.