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Taken on: 2011-06-03 23:04:11

It was the 2nd Annual Tomahawk Gambling weekend that I hosted at our place up on Lake Nokomis. The event consists of a variety of events, some involving betting, most involving drinking...

Last year, we had Me, Jon, Jim, Rich and Tenny. This year, we had Me, Jon, Jim, Rich, Michael, and a special guest appearance by "Virtual Tenny", who since moving to Cincinnati didn't allow that to impede on his ability to play poker with us (or drink scotch) for 5 hours on Friday night. The 5-hour video skype session worked quite well!

While the weekend consisted of bags, basketball, kayaking, Waverunning, going out to eat, and even a visit to Ed Gein's grave, "Virtual Tenny" was unfortunately only able to attend the poker part of the weekend.

This picture is from the kick-off no-limit hold-em tournament, as Jon just bet into Tenny post-flop. Looking forward to next year's event!