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Photo-a-day 2011

This photoset has 365 pictures
In 2011, I embark on making a photograph each and every day. Follow my adventure.

SUNSPOT Madison, WI Rock Band

This photoset has 130 pictures
Pictures from 2000-2009 of Madison, WI rock band SUNSPOT

New York City, 2008

This photoset has 28 pictures
Matt, Sara, Erin and Jeremy went to New York over Labor Day, 2008

Seattle, 2008

This photoset has 17 pictures
Seattle, WA for Ziggy and Allyson's wedding on 8/8/8

Green Bay Packers Basketball, Green Machine, 2008

This photoset has 30 pictures
The Green Bay Packers "Green Machine" Basketball team stopped for a charity basketball game in Madison, WI against the Madison Metro Jaycees on June 11, 2008

Ireland, 2008

This photoset has 37 pictures
Me, my wife and another couple traveled to Ireland for a week to see the sights in March, 2008

Germany and Austria, 2007

This photoset has 39 pictures
Matt, Sara and family went to Germany and Austria for 2 weeks in the fall of 2007

New York City, 2007

This photoset has 14 pictures
Sara and I took a long weekend trip to New York City in April of 2007

Switzerland, 2006

This photoset has 27 pictures
Sara and I went to Switzerland for a week in September, 2006. Lucerne and the Berner Oberland were the highlights.
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