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Posted by matt on July 1, 2013

Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Ask, and others all have their own rankings, and Google is the biggest of them all. Using search results to promote your website can be done in several ways, and all three will greatly benefit you as a blogger. The main way to do this, is to simply give your website a Google look-up in a search engine. Using that Google search in your blog’s meta descriptions is also a great idea. Having your website listed along with other high-quality blogs and websites in your niche helps with search engine visibility, and more importantly, traffic (check over here).

How does that “look up” work?

It works a lot like a domain name, though instead of having to sit for hours setting up an account, you can just go to Google, type in your website URL, and your site will show up along with all of the other search results that Google has for the same query. This doesn’t mean you will be promoted instantly. Only when the first 15 to 20 results are picked up will you see the results, and if there’s no traffic, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any that could be listed, in order to get your site ranked in the first place.

Why do we need to give Google a try?

The easiest way to find what keywords to use in a search is to go to Google yourself and just type in your website’s URL. As mentioned above, you don’t even need to log in. You can also run the search “blog name:” and you will see all of the results. In case you aren’t familiar with what a meta description is, it’s essentially the first sentence on your website, or description. The easiest way to get a look-up into what keywords you’re targeting for search is to put in your website’s URL. If you want more information about the Meta Description tags and how they work, check out our How to write an SEO Meta Description for Google article.

How do you promote your blog on search engines?

You need to have a well-placed image with an excellent title, and also a link back to the article so people can click and read it. We know that’s a lot of steps, and there are a lot of ways to do it, but hopefully this can help you along the way. You can start by sharing your website links using social networks, which are often seen as popular and useful, but not necessary. You might want to avoid pages on social networks that have a large amount of shares already and don’t provide much content. You don’t want to share a site that has a lot of traffic that has been promoted by search engines to get your site on the first page, because it’s going to give people an incorrect idea of what you do.

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