Safe Baby Handling Tips: Baby do’s and don’ts…

Posted by matt on March 21, 2009

As a rookie father of 2 months, one of the more hilarious books I’ve found is by David and Kelly Sopp called “Safe Baby Handling Tips“.  Check out the do’s and don’ts of taking care of your little one:



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So there you have it, 27 or so tips on how to take care of your kid.  Looking through this, I have actually done 1 of the NO’s on here… can you guess which?

Be sure to grab the book if you like this.  Great gift for new parents!

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  1. Tim Said,

    Haha… awesome. My bet is that you’ve breastfed. Which is hot.

  2. Ziggy Said,

    Testing the bottle?

  3. Marc Said,

    I thought calming the baby and Jack Daniels were synonomous!

  4. naTas Said,

    very funny shit Matt.

  5. matt Said,

    When someone asked me if Ian has smiled yet, I said “Sure, look!!!” and I had done the make-him-smile one…

    I also throw him up in the air a bit, but not quite as high as the one above :)

  6. Ryan Said,

    I think the baby’s winning the chess game.

  7. brett harm Said,


  8. brett harm Said,


  9. brett harm Said,

    not sooooo coool wit cursing natas


  10. brett FAR Said,

    I ? THE ONE WIT THE………

  11. Jennifer Said,

    OMG I’ve actually done one of them too…picking baby’s nose lmao…haha ohwell at least I didn’t hire a whino to babysit!! lmao

  12. Grafiskais dizains Said,

    :D had a great laugh , thanks

  13. doug Said,

    Babies LOVE to fly in the air!!! Just don’t miss the catch daddy.

  14. Taynut Said,

    Uh lets guess the babysitting one!!!!!!! lol

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  17. jerlin Said,

    he he he had a great laugh….An awareness to father’s specially….

  18. Christian Said,

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