Metallica – Death Magnetic: Download or Buy it?

Posted by matt on September 11, 2008

metallica_death_magnetic.jpgArtist: Metallica
Album: Death Magnetic
Wikipedia Genre(s): Thrash metal, speed metal, heavy metal
Matt’s Fav Tracks:  All Nightmare Long, My Apocalypse
# times listened:
Moderate (10 – 25 times)
Matt’s Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Buy CD: Amazon
Steal It: PB, yo

The Metallica Death Magnetic Purchase Price Calculator

On 9/12/08, Metallica released their new album, Death Magnetic.  Surprisingly, it’s pretty good!  But with all the hubbub about Metallica, their hatred of MP3’s and their total disconnection with their fans, should you pay for it, or just download it guilt-free?

Depends.  Let’s do some analysis based on your experience:

+ $9 …Amazon purchase price of Death Magnetic
– $9 …if for some reason you bought St. Anger1:
– $4 …if you accidentally heard the “Lars is trapped in a porta-potti drumming2” sound on St. Anger
– $5 …if you felt alienated when you heard about Metallica’s anti-napster spiel 3
+ $9 …if you downloaded Metallica’s entire discography from bittorrent, because hey, screw them!4
– $20 …if you saw “Some Kind of Monster5
– $100 …if you bought “Some Kind of Monster”
(-$20 for me)
1 Note: this album was total crap.
2 A deaf 3rd-grader could have come up with a better sounding drum sound.
3 If you lived in a cave, you missed this.
4 Hopefully doing this made you feel a little better about yourself.
5 It’s hard to top the Napster fiasco, but take any little bit of dignity Metallica had left and prove that they are some of the biggest idiot, douche bags around.  This movie should have been called “Some Kind of Assholes”

So although I didn’t buy St. Anger, I did accidentally hear it ($-4) (note: it was deleted after I heard it).  I was also quite annoyed about Metallica’s anti-napster stance, so there’s another $5 discount.  That makes me entitled to steal Death Magnetic.  Additionally, I watched “Some kind of Monster” on IFC awhile ago, so Metallica actually owes me $20 in addition to giving me Death Magnetic.

Using the calculation above, what will you be ‘paying’ for Death Magnetic?

To make this easier for your collection, you can print and mail this document:


and send to:
PMB # 194
SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901-3581

Death Magnetic Album Review

So you either stole or paid for the album… is it any good?  It is a departure from the general crap they’ve been playing the last 10 years, with more of a ‘return to roots’ for them.  But is it too late?  Are they trying too hard?  Does every song have to be 9 minutes long?  This depends on what you like, but I’ll take the thrash stuff to whatever they were trying to do on their last album.

Some of the song structures seem forced (let’s put 3 songs together to get this song over 8 minutes!), but still executed well.  It feels like they read a market research report that said “hey, play more Master of Puppets style stuff!” and they tried hard to recreate it, with moderate success.

Remember, all these guys are 45+ years old, so they aren’t making it easy on themselves touring if they have to pound out this new stuff each night.  Also remember, even though the music might be better now, we didn’t forget what you did to us.

The decision to buy it or download it is yours, but either way, you should check it out.  Four out of 5 stars for me.

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  1. nemolian Said,

    Personally I never really gave a crap what Lars thought of Napster. Him whining just proved that he was only in it for the money, and now that Radiohead and NIN made money by giving their music away, he thinks they can save face and still make a fortune…not from me they wont. They owe me nothing because in my world they don’t even exist, or at least haven’t made an album since 1990.

    Dear Metallica,

    Go back to the 80s where you belong.

  2. Tenny Said,

    80’s Metallica —> kicked ass
    90’s Metallica —> sold out
    00’s Metallica —> washed up

    In certain ways Metallica is like the McRib sandwich from McDonald’s. When they first came out I couldn’t get enough of them. However when they kept showing up year after year the once “new and refreshing” became “stale”.

  3. Nemolian Said,

    Me bad…I thought “And Justice For All” came out in 1990 but I guess it was 1988. I know I know, they had a video for “one” so some say this was their sell out album, but MTV really only played the video on Headbangers Ball, and I never heard it on the local radio until after the black album, so I tend to disagree.

  4. razor69 Said,

    Hey guys, grtz from holland! Lets not forget the joy they brought us…! So they are a little older now, what counts is the music… Unleast for me, and a lot of people in Holland! And no… we do not all walk on wooden shoes….

  5. Metallicafukinrule Said,

    Death Magnetic is awsome, my favourite Metallica album second to Master of Puppets and there best for twenty years