Hanging with Chris Pirillo and the New Pornographers

Posted by matt on April 22, 2008

Further showing the power of Twitter, Sara and I were going to the New Pornographers show at the Orpheum last night and my friend Nemolian clued me in that Chris Pirillo of TechTV fame was enroute to Madison to go to the show via this twitter post. A few hours later, we went to the show (which was awesome!) and then met up with Chris and his brother Adam after the gig to do a little bar hopping in Madison.

We ended up to my favorite dive bar in Madison, The Paradise, and surprisingly who walked in but the New Pornographers! (great band, naughty name) We chatted with them for awhile before going off to Paul’s Club, enroute to a failed attempt to get some food.

This is where the night got a little weird as some guy wearing a Jack Daniels bandanna (that he no doubt earned that night) was running around yelling HASTA LASAGNA at people… Tragically, Adam ended up getting his coveted New Pornographer’s setlist stolen! Luckily, we did find it though, but not until after we found some other guy who was bizarrely scribing a white-boy rap song ode to “Paul’s Club” rhyming “Guinness” with “Chemist”… (?!) on the back of the setlist. I guess the setlist is more memorable now at least.

All-in-all a very good night, and a pleasure to meet the New Pornographers. Awesome to hang with Chris Pirillo and his brother Adam who are totally cool, stand-up guys. Look us up if you come back to Madison again!

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  1. Phil Said,

    Wow! You got to hang out with Chris Pirillo! (Am I a super geek for knowing who the infamous lockergnome is?) That’s awesome!

  2. Jeff casey Said,

    Phil=Chris=infinite loop of incessant self-promoting feedback praise.

  3. matt Said,


    Phil is actually a friend of mine from madison. He and I were big TechTV fans, but the haters can think what they like I guess. :)

  4. Phil Said,

    Well said, Self… I mean Matt